A Platform for Passion

Everyone has something they are passionate about. Whether it be politics, fashion,  food, sports, or real estate as examples-- everyone has something within them that keeps their own personal fire burning. Passion is what I believe keeps the human soul nourished and truly fulfills us. If you are passionate about something in life, it can inspire you; change the way you look at the outside world; and keep you motivated.
Some people's passions are a mere hobby, while others are fortunate enough to have careers and jobs that are also their passion. 
For me personally, my passions have become very clear in the past few years. One passion came to me earlier than others did. The first was agriculture. Being raised on a dairy farm in rural Ontario enabled me to be raised in what I believe is the best place in the world. In the country and in a place that fosters growth, development, and the teachings of true down-to-earth life lessons. Because of my upbringing, I became attached to anything and everything agriculture and at a young age, began to share this love I had of farming, with people whom I met through all walks of life. Enter my second passion: public speaking. By the time I took my "passion for ag" on to University, I was able to have many opportunities to share my passion on a more open forum/stage in front of large audiences, and here, my second passion was born.
What has become clear in the years since I developed these two passions is that when you have a passion or a cause that you feel is worth fighting forth, packed with a voice that you feel is worth hearing, it can be a pretty powerful platform.
Which lead me to creating this blog.
This has been something that has been in the works for months and I chose today to finally launch. Why did I start today of any other day you may ask? Because I finally chose today to officially share my passion and use this blog as my "platform for passion." Through sharing my passion with you, the reader, I hope to inspire and motivate you to follow your passion(s) as well. To motivate you to go out and seek opportunities to share your passions with others-- to truly make your communities (big or small) a better place by sharing the "fire that burns deep within you" and all the while, doing something you love while you change the world you live in and the people you meet, once conversation at a time.
Stay tuned for lots of thoughts and materials that will be shared. This is an exciting new adventure that I cannot be more excited to start with you!