Where my Passion Begn to Grow...

Part 1

I consider myself fortunate to have been born into and raised in the agricultural industry. As the daughter of two very passionate dairy farmers, it only made sense that me and my three siblings would all share the same zest for not only dairy farming, but anything agriculture. Being brought up as a product of the ag industry has certainly been tremendous for my siblings and I and I often think to many of my peers who are also in the ag industry and think of how much we have all benefited as products of the industry itself. We're strong, confident, motivated leaders in our industry and are not afraid to stand up for something we are passionate about (Unfortunately, standing up for our industry is something the ag industry in particular has to do a lot of these days).
Which is a perfect segway into one of the first blog topics I want to share with readers. What, when, and how your passion began to brew. I am very lucky that I had the ag industry to help foster the development of my first passion and push me (in a way I didn't even realize at the time) that would impact my choice of University and now career. I'm not sure if it is because I have such a strong attachment to the ag industry through my childhood and now adult involvement; whether its because it is my family's business; or because it is simply the people or the subject matter that keeps me engaged time after time, but for whatever reason, agriculture is where my true passion lies. It is where my passion began to brew.. for life in general. It is where I met my first friends who shared the same loves as I did; its where I learned for the first time to be a leader and mentor in the 4-H program; its the industry that helped me stand up and give an award winning speech back in 2007; it guided where I chose to go to University back in 2005 for an Agricultural Business degree; and its now the reason why I spend 40 hours a week knee-deep in the ag industry :)
I'd love to hear from you the reader on what, when, and how your first passion began to brew... and does that same passion still burn in the bottom of your stomach, like mine does, every single day?
Time to share!