Words to live by...

I used to be a slave to reading my horoscope. I remember checking my horoscope in high school EVERY DAY to see what the next day would have in store for me. If I had only got the memo earlier that I was the creator of my own destiny so even if the stars were in Jupiter, ultimately, I would be the person to determine what would take place each and every day.

BUT, when I happened to check the paper tonight while out for a coffee, I happened to read the following horoscope, which caught my attention and I thought I had to share with Passionate Voice readers.  What are the odds that the bottom line to my horoscope would be to "just pick the path of passion."

I think this is a great motto to live by... not just today, the day the horoscope applies too, but everyday. While reason is needed in obvious situations, I believe if you truly choose the path of passion, most often than not, you will have made the right choice because your following your passion. In the end, isn't that what life is all about?! Following what you believe in and enjoying what your doing because your passionate about it? Just my two cents :)