It is funny how with the changing of the clocks on December 31st 11:59 p.m., a new year falls upon us that magically intrinsically motivates us to start off fresh and with a bang. The tough question though, after the confetti is cleaned up and the hangover is cured, is can you keep that same spark, promise, and intention you had at the beginning of 2013 going as the months roll on into the new year?
While I usually don't set resolutions, I have set a few goals or as I'm calling them "intentions" for myself this year. Most of them are around my career. Like I've told my husband, because last year was filled with so many weddings, including our magical event in June of 2012, I feel as though I've put off career-related items, hence why I'm branding 2013 the 'Year of the Career' and the year to basically just 'get er' done.' In recent months, I've talked a lot about things I've wanted to do and have wrote many lists and goals, but I'm done with the talking. Now on to the doing. Because we all know everyone can talk, it is when people actually "walk the talk" that they get stuff done. As the picture perfectly depicts below, with a new year comes a new horizon, and the potential for so many amazing things. I am cooking up a lot over here on Passionate Voice and am working on some really get presentations, worksheets, and blog posts to cap off some awesome events that I have been asked to speak at or be a part of. One of the 'intentions' I have made for 2013 is to 150% commit to this blog like I had fully intended when I first launched this blog. I will deliver to you this year all I had planned on delivering from the beginning. Just hold.on.tight.
I hope you all are planning a fabulous year with all the right intentions and with lots of vigor and zest.
May your 2013 be as remarkable and successful... as you make it!