Finding your Passionate Voice

I attended a talk last night at my Alma mater to listen to the well-known David Chilton, or as many Canadians know him better as... "The Wealthy Barber." Since reading his book in a first-year University class , I have followed Chilton in his career-- bought and enjoyed his second book and even watch him now as he stars on the CBC's Dragons' Den. When I heard he was speaking at the local University, I jumped on the opportunity to attend and the simple $15 price of admission proved to be WELL worth it. 
What became obvious to me through David's very humourous, engaging, informative talk (it really was an hour and a half of fantastic!) is that David truly lives by what he preaches. He REALLY is just a normal, nice guy who believes in what he is selling. He is brutally honest with what we as a country and as a society need to do to be better financially, but says it in the most polite way possible. His interest in personal finance is what launched his career at the age of 25 when he wrote The Wealthy Barber (it is still to this day, Canada's best-selling book) and the lessons in David's two books is something he lives by and practices each and every day. He got the crowd laughing about the stories of how he drives a simple car; still lives in his 1,300 sq. foot house in Waterloo, ON, and really lives within his means; even though it was appearant after the stories he shared about successful business endevours that he could really live a more extravagent life if he chose to do so. But then if he did, he really wouldn't be the Wealthy Barber and practice the simple lessons that he sold to millions of people who bought his book.
David's honest and refreshing talk was an eye-opener on two levels for me. On a personal finance level, he helped me realize to truly be grateful for what I have; stop complaining about what we call "first-world problems"; give where I can; enjoy experiences NOT things; and save as much money as possible in the meantime to enjoy a more richer life later on. From a "Passionate Voice" standpoint though, David Chilton made me realize that early on, you must find your "voice" and what makes you truly tick-- what really is your passion in life. For David, it was personal finance and like the "nice guy" in the book, David really is a nice guy in real life! Unlike his counterparts on the Dragons' Den, like Kevin O'Leary, who has a completely different persona about him then David does-- that is what makes them each unique and successful in their own right. They each have their own "passionate voice" (even though they are very different approaches, perspectives and voices) and they each live by that passionate voice.... every day. 
That is what I had set out to achieve when I launched The Passionate Voice. To share, help educate, and inspire readers of what makes me passionate, but also, how to share that passion with other people through having an effective voice. If there is a third and final lesson David taught me after listening to his talk, is to be dedicated and committed to what you are passionate about! You can certainly expect more here in the near future on the Passionate Voice. Feeling extremely inspired thanks to David Chilton!