You Have to Start Somewhere... NOW

I have been contemplating going "live" with my blog for sometime now and have somewhat failed in "committing" to my blog. Putting yourself out there to the unknown world can be an uneasy feeling, but the more I reflect the more I realize that you have to start somewhere. Why not today? Why not now? Why not with this blog?
Unsuccessful people never put themselves out there.. and that is why they are unsuccessful! They choose to be a bystander on the sidelines of life and watch as successful people "grab life by the horns" and get on the court and play. Of course the reason why people are successful (however you define the term success) is because at some point in time, successful people put themselves out there with their ideas. Sometimes the ideas are earth shattering and something we have never heard/saw before. But for the most part, when we watch our peers do/say something, it isn't necessarily rocket science.. but they are the first to share/do it and that is why they get people's attention! Not a lot of people can say they have put themselves out there for critisim.. and that is why not everyone is successful in that sense.
I apply this same analogy to public speaking and choosing to put yourself on stage and in the public eye in front of others. Yes, you are setting yourself up for being judged.. having your ideas perhaps disagreed with... having your appearance or the way you speak judged...but that is all part of the game! You hope that the positive experiences outweigh the bad experiences to make it all worthwhile. As a passionate public speaker, I believe in what I'm sharing with the audience. So in the end, if I am truly sharing my passion, making a difference, and selling my ideas to the people who my message resonated with.. and all this with limited critisim, then I'd say it is all worth it. What I'm beginning to realize is that it is easy to be successful if you have all the right tools. But if you never put yourself out there, how is anyone going to know what you have to offer in order to be successful?!
Just a thought to rest on for this evening. Be back later this week to share some more ideas. I'm GOING to commit to this.
I have started this now...