Communicating Authentically

The word 'authentic' is a buzzword we've heard used a lot lately by many different fields and industries. The people I've come to realize get the most amount of "air time" are people who act, say, and just simply are real and different. And Real=authentic. These are people who do not fit in the "cookie cutter" mold of what people expect.

Authentic people are different-- they offer something different and they say/do things that are different from other people. They are genuine, open, transparent, and honest with their opinions and feelings without hurting others thoughts. They are original or at least are doing something that someone else has did but in a different way. In any industry, business, or sport, being authentic and real can be the tipping point of going from good to great. We can all do and say the same thing... and that would be boring. It is the people who go out on a limb, say something daring or do something different that end up the most successful. And it is simply because they are being themselves and being authentic that they are heads above the rest.

Passionate Voice Bottom Line: People who are authentic are who people really enjoy listening too. In today's day and age, being authentic has a certain value associated with it that no money can buy. Being authentic is so rare today, but it is so refreshing and welcomed. Be that person that everyone wants to listen too. Be real. Be authentic.