The Power of Words... No one could have said it better

Superbowl is a marketers dream. Millions of eager eyes are sitting in front of the TV watching the football game with the opportunity to be influenced between commercial break by companies spending millions of dollars on air time. Every year, it seems companies up the anti with the originality, creativity, and humour they use to advertise their products.
For the agricultural community, the following commercial that was played during this year's Superbowl fourth quarter was a powerful reminder of how words and simple images can really impact an audience. When I saw this commercial, it literally stopped me and millions of people in their tracks while watching Superbowl XLVII this past February.

Now I know I'm biased because I am a farmer's daughter and for that reason alone, the commercial for me was simply one of the best commercials that I feel has portrayed the agricultural industry in a long time. But, the fact that it also resonated with millions of non-ag people who said it resonated with them too now that means it was effective marketing-- way to go Dodge.
It goes to show that with the right words and the right delivery, it can simply change the power of the message. For me, it wasn't about watching the images that appeared during the video. It was about what Paul Harvey, the legendary broadcaster, said that was so dramatic.

There was no music in the background.

No dramatic images.

Just powerful words with an incredibly strong message and tremendous execution. THAT is what the passionate voice is all about. Saying what you have to say because you're passionate about it and without even realizing it, changing the way people see you because of how you delivered what you had to say.