Think Your Voice is the Only Thing that Speaks Volumes About You?

Communicating today is completely different from how our parents and other generations used to communicate. With the increased use of social media, digital media, and smartphone devices, it appears that "social etiquette" has gone completely out the window. The days of properly greeting people; speaking politely; and speaking properly are gone. Partly the reason why The Passionate Voice was founded!
If you've ever heard of the 93% nonverbal communication rule as pioneered by Professor Albert Mehrabian, it states that when you speak to someone, it isn't only the words that you say that are impacting how someone formulates an opinion about you! Mehrabian's research found that impressions are formulated in the following breakdown: 7% is by the words spoken; 38% is the way in which someone says words; and the remaining 55% is body language... meaning that the way people make an impression on you is 93% based on non-verbal communication!
When I am in professional settings where body language would seem the most important to make a lasting impression, it seems only a small percentage of people actually pay attention to how their body language impacts their overall presence. Now that I am aware of how heavily body language shapes how we influence people's opinions when presenting and public speaking, I always sure to include training on body language in my leadership and public speaking workshops.
Speaking and influencing others is about selling the entire package of who you are. If you have a fantastic voice and message but don't look or act the part, you won't make the impression necessary for those to take you seriously or want to hear from you again.
Here is an interesting TED talk on body language from doctor and professor Amy Cuddy who speaks about how research supports that body language shapes who we are.