Taking personal 'inventory'

We all get caught up with the day-to-day activities of our jobs and of course, the busyness of a little thing called LIFE. Because of this, we often forget to take the time needed to "self-evaluate" or do "personal inventory" as leaders or managers in both our professional and personal lives to see what type of progress we're making; change we're helping to create; or impact we're having.

Once in a while, taking stock of what you know; what you need to know; and reaching out to those resources/people around you who can help you "grow" as a person/leader is very rewarding.

One of those enriching-type of "self-evalution"events I am happy to attend every year is Leadercast which is a live leadership event held every May in Atlanta, Georgia. It is also offered via live telecast to over 1,500 cities/towns around the world in 22 countries. The one-day event aims to "facilitate the largest convergence of leaders in the world by creating an epic leadership experience."

This year's line-up of speakers did not disappoint and all revolved their messages around the 2014 theme of "Beyond You" Leadership. Below, I provide 2 key take-aways from each speaker that spoke at the recent event on May 9th. My hopes is that you will take some of these profound messages away like I did and begin to subtly and surely implement these in your everyday life. Personally, a take-away message from Malcolm Gladwell that resonated with me the most of course from The Passionate Voice perspective is this following quote:

Andy Stanley, Author and Speaker

  • The power of saying "You Decide" as a Leader/Manager is extremely empowering to those around you. Say it to your employees; empower them; and back them up!
  • If leadership isn't all about you, it will live beyond you. 

Dr. Henry Cloud, Psychologist and Speaker

  • As a leader, you are like a "boat" that leaves a wake. The wake, a pattern generated by a boat, is two-sided and in leadership your wake is two-sided as well. Its all about: results and influence.
  • People are always judging you (as a leader) if they are for you or against you (its just human nature to do this). Make sure people understand you so they can accurately decide that they are for you and your cause/vision as a leader.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Winner & Human Rights Activist

  • Leaders should remember to be accountable so they don't abuse their power in making decisions.
  • Great leaders think of generations to come and what impact they'll leave as a footprint.

Laura Schroff, Former Advertising Executive & Best-Selling Author

  • Trust forms very strong bonds. Trust others and they will trust you back. This is the basis of good leadership.
  • While we all like to be planned, leave room to be open for chance opportunities and meetings.

Malcolm Gladwell, Author and Speaker

  • People will submit to authority if it is: Legitimate, Fair and Respectful.
  • Effective leaders know its not about what you say, its how you say it!

Randall Wallace, Screenwriter, Director, Producer

  • When you can think of something greater than yourself and don't worry about the outcome, then you've captured the essence of leadership.
  • Giving to a stranger is an extremely powerful thing. Ask yourself- how do you give and to whom do you give too both in your professional and personal life.

Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP AG

  • Purpose matters more than ever before. People want to follow purpose.
  • Instead of a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG).. have a Big Hairy Audacious DREAM!

Simon Sinek, Leadership Expert, Author & TED Speaker

  • Leadership is like exercise- you can look everyday in the mirror and not see change but over time, you will notice the difference and see the change!
  • Leadership is like filling up the coffee pot in the lunch room- when the coffee pot is empty and no one is looking, you can walk away and not refill the pot. Or, without anyone knowing, you can refill the coffee pot without recognition because you know its good for everyone.

I trust you enjoyed these as much as I did when I first heard them!

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