This is your NEW Brain on Technology

This previous post got the conversation started on the new reality of communicating in the 21st century. Now let's look at research that supports how communication is changing because of the way our brains are being rewired.

Research shows that 10 years ago, a person's attention span was on average 12 minutes long and now, attention spans are only 5 seconds long! Other interesting stats highlighted in the Infographic "How Social Media is Ruining our Minds:"

  • The average office worker checks their email inbox 30-40 times an hour which equates to nearly every 1.5 minutes  
  • 25% of people surveyed forgot names of close friends and even relatives and 7% forgot their own birthdays from time-to-time
  • A ULCA Study showed that just 5 hours of internet surfing can change the way our brains work

This article also highlights that our brains are being rewired to the point that some brains now compare to the brains of those who have addictions. We experience symptoms like anxiety over FOMO (fear of missing out.. it really is a diagnosed symptom now!); we have phantom vibration syndrome because of our phones; we can't sleep; we can't remember things nearly as well as we used too; and we have worse impulse control than ever before.

And while research actually supports that internet can boost brain function it is of course important to remember... all in moderation. It is important as a communicator (using your passionate voice to influence those around you!) to recognize just how much our brains have changed due to technology. Because communicating in today's world is different than it was 10 years ago, knowing this can be very powerful knowledge in helping you re-adjust your communication techniques when approaching people and situations.

How much do you think your brain has changed due to use of technology?

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