A Season of Change

I trust Passionate Voice readers have been keeping well and enjoyed a relaxing (and maybe productive!) summer. I won't lie, I am happy to see the leaves changing slightly in colour-- signalling the arrival of my most favourite season, fall. I always enjoy the start of September as it indicates the beginning of a "new year" with school back in, etc. September really does feels a lot like January in officially ringing in a new year.

Although there hasn't been much taking place on the Passionate Voice blog front, if you follow me on Twitter, you may have saw how crazy hectic of a summer it has been both professionally and personally. I have had the opportunity to travel to the US and 4 different provinces since the end of June... it has been a fun, whirlwind few months to say the least and everything on my work, personal and business fronts have been awesome.

While I love keeping busy and doing what I've done over the past few months, it has also taught me more about my "threshold" of what I can manage at one time. And not necessarily just what I can manage, but at what level I am comfortable managing everything. Most importantly, this past summer has taught me that sometimes it is OK to stop and smell the roses or as the visual reads "Keep Calm and Take a Break."

I hope that whatever you are involved with, giving back too, exploring, doing or enjoying, that you are kind to yourself. Make sure to take a break and enjoy the journey because it truly isn't about the destination as much as it is about enjoying the process to get there.

Be sure to check back later this fall in a few weeks time as there is a lot more planned to share and new changes on the horizon.. like I said, fall is my most favourite season of all as it truly is the season of change.

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