Forging a New Path

Forging a New PathThe time between Christmas and New Years and the days thereafter can feel very refreshing and invigorating. Perhaps because of the quietness of the holiday season, there seems to be more time to reflect and think of what you want for the impending new year ahead. A year ahead that is a blank canvas waiting to be painted on, shaped and enjoyed. Whether or not you decide to use the new year as your "reset" button, making sure to commit to yourself (at any time) to be better and forge a new path is something you owe to yourself.

If that means forging a new path by starting a new career; landing a new job; going back to school; committing yourself to further education; or simply changing your habits so you can commit to a passion project you have in mind, then go down the road less traveled.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a road that is new or hasn't been traveled by others before. It could just be a road that hasn't been traveled on by you yet. Regardless, use 2015 to commit to something bigger.

To that end, I am excited for what 2015 means professionally to The Passionate Voice. I am excited to share more content with you on how you can extend your own voice passionately whether it be in person or online. The new look and feel of The Passionate Voice is one positive change as we kick start the new year and reposition ourselves and commit to forging our own new path.

All the best for an inspiring and fulfilling year ahead in 2015!

- Christina