Goals are Dreams with Timelines

Goals are Dreams with Timelines 2015 is in full swing and the first month is down. We have embraced 2015's arrival and are excited for what the new year has in store.

Back to this earlier post about 'Forging a New Path' to kickstart 2015. Part of forging a new path is knowing which direction you want to go and where you want the path to inevitably lead. While the obvious answer for most people would be "up" or "far," that isn't always necessarily what happens. Through it all, knowing and keeping your ultimate goal in mind helps to clearly lay out the 'new path.'  Knowing where you want to go and/or what the end goal is will help forge your new path.

Try and always keep your end goal in mind in everything you do. Goal setting at any time of year, especially at the beginning of a new year when everything seems like a blank canvas waiting to be painted, is an important part of going down the path you choose. Setting benchmarks and measuring yourself personally and/or professionally along the way helps track your progress. A new quote I recently found by Diana Scharf Hunt perfectly sums this up when she said, "Goals are Dreams with Timelines." We all have dreams and aspire to do things but in order to reach that destination, you must set goals along the way of the journey.

Finding tools to help measure these goals and stick to the appropriate timelines is imperative to a productive and successful year. Many people have scoured every book, blog and website for ideas to help keep them organized. Being able to balance your priorities with work, personal life, passion projects and other commitments (and life must be enjoyed somewhere in there too!) can be hard.

I wanted to personally share some of the tools and helpful reads that I've used to help keep me on track:

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 What are the tools you use to harness a strategic and stronger Passionate Voice? Here's to hoping you too have committed to something greater in 2015 and have armed yourself with the right tools to make it happen!
- Christina
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