Beginning with the End in Mind

I have been busy working to craft three presentations for three completely different events and audiences coming up in the next month. I am in my element- the creative juices are flowing - I love this stage of content creation. In preparing for these three speaking engagements, it has made me realize how important the development process is for creating content to come up with the right messaging in presentations and speeches.

If you think of the best speakers you've heard or listened too, they most likely didn't just get up on stage and 'wing' it. And if they look like they did then they have perfected the craft of being a great speaker/presenter because they've surely prepared their content down to a science; mastered their delivery; and have still been able to come off 'casual' and 'relaxed.' If you aspire to be this type of speaker or presenter who presents with such ease, there are some important questions you should ask yourself in the development process when creating content.

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The idea of 'Beginning with the End in Mind' is a great practice to follow when developing content for presentations and speeches because it challenges you to decide what you want the outcome of your presentation to be BEFORE the presentation/speech rather than AFTER. You can determine the outcome of how well your speech/presentation will go over because you've did your homework and asked yourself the following questions which will help to craft the right message, create the right experience and get the desired outcome you want for your audience:

8 questions to ask

[Tweet ""Always keep the audience in mind first. Speak for the audience, not for yourself." - The Passionate Voice"]

When preparing for a presentation or speech, always keep the audience in mind first. Speak for the audience, not for yourself. Try and incorporate what the audience WANTS to hear paired with what YOU believe they should hear/learn to get the most from your presentation/speech.

As you begin the creative process of developing content for a presentation or speech, if you ask yourself these questions and 'Begin with the End in Mind', you are sure to achieve the outcome that will be both beneficial to you and your audience. It will create the most positive, memorable experience as the speaker and for the audience.

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