How to Lead by Being Social

I recently had the opportunity to present to the Ontario chapter of the Canadian Agri-Marketing Association, a network of talented agribusiness professionally from across the province.

My presentation was geared towards the idea of 'Leading by Being Social.' In the communications world, social media is not an 'option' anymore, rather a 'necessity' that professionals and businesses/brands must use to engage their audience. Social media is something the agricultural community has embraced with open arms, but in order to lead by being social, I shared how you must have a 'SOCIAL strategy' in order to be truly effective on social media, regardless of whether you're using it personally, professionally or as a company.

Below is my presentation I delivered earlier this week... enjoy!

[slideshare id=47588972&doc=christinacrowley-arklie-howtoleadbybeingsocial-150429213820-conversion-gate01]