A Generation with a Bold Approach

A Generation with a Bold Approach

I attended an Annual General Meeting earlier this spring where a person belonging to the boomer generation (people born between 1945-1965) referred to Generation Y/Millennials as BOLD. Not bold referenced in a bad way, but bold as a compliment to the approach millennails are taking on life. I hadn't heard this word associated with our generation, a generation I belong too, but thought it appropriately fit. And with that inspiration in mind, the following quote was born from yours truly:

Bolder Approach Quote.jpg

As my quote reflects, in order to fully benefit from the bold approach we want to take as a generation, we must ensure we appreciate those who blazed the trail before us.  If you think of what those from generations before us went through to set the tone in which our generation is benefiting from, it is tremendous. It was a series of tweets from fellow agricultural advocates who were at the same conference I was at, that stuck a chord with me. I was reminded of what generations before us experienced:

  • Traditionalists experienced the Great Depression and world wars while women, for the first time entered the workforce
  • Boomers saw the civil rights movement and women became more independent
  • Gen Xer's experienced higher divorce rates and TV channels like MTV introduced the trend in TV 'shock value' culture
  • Millennials/Gen Yer's have been introduced to technology and social media while being raised in highly publicized world events like 9/11

I am thankful for that those that went before us and led the way. I think we, the bold generation, need to remind ourselves of this often. Without the generations before us, we wouldn't be able to be the bold generation we are and nothing would be possible for us.