Making Time

pinterest-com As a dairy farmer's daughter, I often joke that I am still on 'dairy farming hours.' I may not be getting up at the crack of dawn to milk cows but there are days where I'm pulling 18-19 hour days. On those days, I remind myself that I am the one that chooses to have a 'full plate.'

Not only do I love my job, I choose to be involved in activities after work and on weekends that I feel help make a difference in the areas of my life that I'm passionate about - agriculture, women in leadership, my alma mater, social media, public speaking and helping others hone their own 'passionate voice.'

I can thank all of the business leadership books that I've read that have stressed the same message - "its not about having time, its about making time." I know many friends and peers who have discussed their 'ideas,' 'passion projects' and their desire to want to start an organization, create a blog, become the 'go too expert' in their field either personally or professionally, but one of the first things they always blame is time

There is a funny quote on social media that is circulated often that says, "You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce." When you put this in perspective, it makes you realize that complaining about 'time' isn't really an option for the successful. We all have the same amount of time as famous celebrities, CEO's, leaders, writers and change makers, but they do the best jobs of capitalizing on the hours they have to make the most of those hours.


We can't use 'time' as an excuse as to why we don't pursue our wildest dreams.

If you have a service to offer, start finding clients by talking to friends and colleagues about referrals. If you are great at 'making a house into a home' by interior design, showcase this by starting a blog and get on instagram. It will start with small steps but the first big hurdle will be admitting that you're using time as an excuse. Make time. Make a commitment to yourself  to share what you have with the world.

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Yes, you will miss a few drinks with friends, you may have to skip a few meals, or not get as much sleep as you'd like. But you'll be amazed at how good it feels when you finally find that extra 10-20 minutes here and there each day to pursue what makes you tick.

Now get on it, find the time to pursue what is truly yours. Happy December 1st! #25daystogo

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