A Community of Support #BellLetsTalk

A Community of Support

Among the committees, boards and groups I am proud to belong too, the Ag Women's Network (AWN) is an incredible network of women from across Ontario who are involved in the agriculture industry. We started back in 2013 with a few get togethers here and there to have a glass of wine and discuss what issues we faced as women in Ag, but also, what opportunities we could create for ourselves in the industry.

The network has truly been a member-driven with us, the members, managing all the details. We brainstorm and organize the events; we created a blog; do proactive communications with our members; have social media tools like Facebook and Twitter that create a safe space to openly discuss issues and topics that our members want to share; and we outreach to attract more women to our network to get them involved in the conversation.

It has really been an incredible network to be a part of, and thinking of all that we've accomplished since our first meeting, even if you could still consider we're in our 'infancy' stages, its simply amazing.

With #BellLetsTalk day upon us today and our first 2016 AWN event under our belts, I reflected today on our AWN's blog, why it is so valuable to have a 'Community of Support' in a network such as ours. Take a read of my blog post over at our AWN website. Here is a quick excerpt:

"Our network is about a community of women there to support each other, so in those times where someone needs an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on or reassurance that others are going through what they are going through, they feel like they have a community that will listen and support them, when they need it most."

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img_2946Some of the awesome women who are members of the Ag Women's Network from across Ontario!

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