Benchmarking Your Social Media Game

Benchmarking Your Social Media Game

I am continually surprised at the number of individuals and businesses/companies who do not have a good handle of their social media channels.. or even, how social media works in the first place. Which at first, when social media was introduced years ago, was fine. But now that some social media channels are 10+ years old, it is now an 'expectation' that your social media game should be sophisticated and well-orchestrated with a lot of strategy and thought put into it.

Social media has become crowded. Almost every major company/business has at least 1 social media channel (or at least they should if a majority of their customers or potential customers are online!). From a personal standpoint as a business owner, if you offer a service, want to been known as the 'go too expert' in your field, or are trying to attract new clients, you must ask yourself two things:

  1. Are you on social media (and if not, why aren't you.. if you aren't, you should be!); and
  2. If you are on social media, how do you know if your social media game is good/on par?

Here are 6 areas to examine and ask yourself to know if you're heading in the right direction (or not!) with your social media game:

  1. Analytics - do you track how many people visit your accounts with tracking software (there are many for free!) and do you know which content is the most impressionable with followers/friends to continue to share that type of content?
  2. Consistency - are you posting at least 2-3 times per day (depending on which channel) and are you posting at the right 'peak' times each day depending on your followers?
  3. Audience - who are your followers/fans/friends and what are their interests? Not just how many followers you have is important, its whether or not you are engaging with them with the right content.
  4. Interaction - are you ensuring you are not only putting your thoughts/ideas out to the world, but are you asking for feedback in return? Are you also showing a keen interest in others' content? Social media is a two-way conversation.. not just an outlet for you to rant or only share your opinion.
  5. Transaction- Has one of these interactions with a fan/follower led to a 'transaction' where you've taken the conversation offline? This could be a networking opportunity like a coffee as an example or an email exchange; perhaps maybe even a friendship or a business acquaintance that has developed because of social media; or the best type of 'transaction'... have you been able to gain a new client because of a social media channel?
  6. Community - are you ensuring you engage with a larger audience on your social media channel(s) to be part of bigger communities beyond yourself? Do you like/follow or chat with people who are part of online communities that interest you, both work and non-work related?

Want to learn more or have any questions about these 6 areas of your social media game? Contact me to get in touch, I'd be happy to chat!

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