Want to Join Twitter? Here's How (its Easy!)

LaurYn Holden (1)

Follow these instructions and in 5 easy steps (and in under 60 seconds!), you will join the Twitter world. Congrats!  Give me a follow by adding my username "@CCrowleyArklie."

Here are some commonly made mistakes on Twitter as users start, that you can use as 'quick tips' so you can get started and feel more comfortable with Twitter:

  • Ensure you a) have a headshot and b) that it clearly shows your face. There is nothing more frustrating in trying to get to know someone and interact with them on social media when you don't know what they look like! And if you were to ever meet someone in person that you've met online who doesn't have a proper headshot, it makes things a little awkward. The blue egg below, is so not cool!
  • Include a biography and use hashtags in your biography so you can easily be found as soon as you join. There is a 140 character limit to even your biography so you have to keep it brief, concise and catchy. Stuck on what to include in your biography, here are some quick ideas: What you do for a living;  motto/quotes you live by; committees or organizations you're proud to be involved with; interests or hobbies (this is where you should use hashtags for sure, so people with the same hobby or interest can easily find you!)
  • Find others to follow by searching those same hashtags you included in your biography! This is an easy way to find people to follow but also get followed back in return. Following like-minded people who you can easily associate with and relate too from the start makes things easily as you navigate this new platform.
  • Don't feel the pressure to tweet when you start your account. Its OK to be a 'viewer' on the sidelines watching how Twitter works and watch how people use it, before you decide to engage and start sending out your first tweets.
  • Not sure what to start with for your first tweet? Find a great quote or tweet something from someone else on Twitter by retweeting it so you can share it with your audience!

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