What Will 2016 Bring?


Do we really ever know the answer to this question as we mark the start of a new year each year?

If you had of told me at the start of 2015 just what the year had in store for me personally, professionally and with my family, I would have seriously laughed. But that is what makes life, life. Its a roller coaster ride and we unfortunately don't know what the 'track' looks like ahead of us. It is the lows that make us truly appreciate the highs in life.

I am always surprised at how many people start out the new year by committing to resolutions to help set goals and change their habits with the best of intentions that they will maintain these resolutions throughout the year. I'm sure the incidence of this actually happening, keeping your resolutions for the entire year, is an extremely small number. When  you think of it though, yes, the new year brings a 'feeling of change' but it also brings about the mindset that the new year is the ONLY time of year to change habits and make changes that you've always wanted to make. A new year and the mere fact that we're able to make resolutions almost sets a precedence that it is the only time of year that we allow ourselves the chance to start fresh. We shouldn't allow this to happen.

Regardless of time and whether it is a new start to a new year, make changes in 2016 at any point in time throughout the year that HELP YOU when you need them too. Don't give up on your goals and resolutions because you've lost your way mid February or March and feel as though your resolutions have fell by the wayside. Try and start again to make the small changes that are needed along the way that equal big results. You'd be surprised what a little perseverance can do to help fulfill your 2016 goals! Keep on trekkin'!

Some of my 2016 goals to ponder:

  • Learn to be 'content' and not always be responding in a 'fight or flight mode'
  • The courage to say 'no' when needed
  • Not overwhelm the 'brain clutter' by reading as many informational articles (which will reduce how many tabs I have open at any given time, which my husband chips me for!)
  • Disconnect more from the computer and social media on weekends to fully recharge
  • Travel to new places, not necessarily far away, but even in my own province to places I've never been to before
  • Finish my social media guide for The Passionate Voice and continue my work with clients
  • Make friends a priority
  • Enjoy our family's first-ever out-of-province family trip to Alberta together as my family will be honoured for their achievements in the Canadian dairy cattle industry

Side note: I just happened to get this exact, beautifully-crafted 2016 calendar pictured above for my home office while visiting my in-laws in Manitoba over the Christmas break. An unexpected but awesome find! Well-designed stationery, planners and calendars are my weakness! 

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