Book Review: 'Our Turn'

Book Review- Our TurnWhile enjoying a spa day on holidays in Mont-Tremblant last weekend, I hit an individual milestone. I started AND finished a book in one day, in ONE sitting. 'Our Turn' by Kirstine Stewart was an easy page turner which provided just the right amount of insight, research, and thought to make it a really enjoyable read. Stewart is a Canadian business figure that I've always admired (and follow on Twitter) and after reading her book, I have a new found appreciation for just how experienced and talented she is. Her take-home message of "there is no better time in history for women to have 'our turn'" made for a really motivating after math that inspired me to share my favourite take-aways from the book. Enjoy some of the take home messages from 'Our Turn' - its certainly a read I would recommend to women and men of all ages and business backgrounds!

Of course, one of my favourite quotes from her book had an 'agricultural' feel to it when she discussed the now 'knowledge economy' we're a part of and how we should grow our ideas as leaders: "You have to grow ideas and that first means clearing a field, planting the seeds and then nurturing them."

On the Business World

  • "The knowledge economy is upending business models. Qualities essential to modern leadership includes anticipating events/needs of others, listening, collaborating, multi-tasking, and being flexible"
  • "Our customers have become our bosses and we need to manage 'out' not down."

On Women

  • "Traditional feminine traits are now at the core of successful/modern leadership (mult-tasking, empathetic, communicator, listener, anticipating the needs of others)"
  • "A Pricewaterhouse Cooper report said women will make up a third of all CEO's by 2040."

 On Leadership

  • "You don't have to be the boss to be a leader."
  • "Changing landscape of tremendous opportunity for those who are willing to listen, learn and adapt."
  • "Leading today is not about what the boss thinks, but how the boss responds and the more input a  leader can draw from a dynamic and electric team, the better that response will be."
  • "Personal capital is your currency."

On Social Media and the Web

  • "Through social media, everyday people, regardless of status or station, have an unrivaled ability to inform and be informed, to praise and to punish. Its a power that drives customer reviews, boycotts, protests, revolutions and web uprisings."
  • "Information as power has lost its currency. Today its not having all the information that counts, its what you do with it."
  • "When it comes to technology, understand your limits, know when to floor it and when to put on the brakes : flow, not balance."