Food for Thought

Food for Thought

For those readers in Ontario, I hope you enjoyed Family day long weekend and are thawing out from what was a chilly few days here! For your reading pleasure and for some 'food for thought', here are some interesting articles I've found from across the web over the past few weeks because yes, I read a ton, from a variety of sources and on a diverse range of topics. Enjoy!

+ Seth Godin's "Fit and Finish" - the importance of understanding the worldviews and biases of the people we seek to influence because at the end of the day, "... People can't judge the eggs until they eat them, but they can judge the packaging in the store. And if they choose someone else's product, you never get a chance."

+ A friend of mine, Kristen Kelderman of Rural Ties, shares her thoughts on finally publishing all those 'draft' posts waiting for people's eyes to read. It was motivating to know fellow bloggers share the same struggles and it reminded me of a quote I recently read, "Progress, not Perfection."

+ A refreshing reminder for all who sit in meetings all day (or lead meetings!) on how to effectively make your next meeting a better one by Ivanka Trump

+ On another note of being effective, 6 tips for writing emails that get answered (finally!) by Amy Lynn Andrews whose Saturday morning emails I now subscribe too.. what an awesome Saturday morning read with the coffee!

+ Jim Estill is a local Guelph CEO who just happens to be the CEO of internationally-renowned Danby products. He is a well-respected community leader whose blog I follow on a regular basis!. He shares how he lost his attention span (like us all!) and how he is working to regain it by sharing his personal tips and secrets. Some of these I am trying myself now.

+ One of my favourite business websites I've referenced here on Passionate Voice, by Tara and Kathleen at Braid Creative, recently discussed the productivity idea of 'touch it once'  referring to the idea that when you get an email and look at it, respond to it right then so you only 'touch it once'. A concept I'm going to start trying as well.

+ 26 Productivity hacks you wish you'd known when you were 20 (glad I found this now before I am 30!) One in particular I liked, "Separate thinking and execution to execute faster and think better."

+ Having trouble brainstorming content to write about on your website/blog? Google seems to be the place to find all your answers (and more!) when you're looking for them... a really cool hack!

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