Food for Thought

Food for Thought

+There is now scientific evidence that multitasking is bad for our brain because of the addictive injection of 'dopamine' (the 'reward hormone') that circulates in our brain when we complete each small task. Maybe we need to re-evaluate the process to how we get stuff down in a day so we can slow. the. heck. down!

+Wondering why after hours of sleep each night, you still feel tired all of the time? It may be that your high-intensity feelings are draining your batteries

+Glad to see that there are many reasons as a Type-A'er that will help support my side business endeavor. Who would have thought?!

+I'm continually proud to be part of a generation that is so giving and wants to make positive change. 89% of respondents surveyed in this read said they wanted to work on personal interests and things that impact society.

+Stats support that millennials are in fact, entrepreneurs at heart. 1 in 3 millennials already have a side gig up and running!

+International Women's Day was celebrated on March 8th. This piece discussing why women should 'ignore fear and saddle up anyways' by a woman I look up too, Betty-Ann Heggie, was such an amazing piece she shared to celebrate #IWD2016. It touches on so many truths relating to how girls are brought up compared to boys.

+'Palate cleansers' for the work world and not just in between meals? Yes, this is a real thing and a cool concept!

+Seth Godin discusses that the 'thrill is gone' which made me wonder- maybe we really are addicted to the 'thrill' of things? This is most likely why we love things like social media because its give us instant gratification.