Listening to YOU

Listening to YOU

Enough with me doing the talking over here all the time. I want to hear from YOU, the reader! I really appreciate those who have signed up to my blog and those social media users who I've gotten to know better over the last few years through connecting both online and in person.

Now I want to hear from YOU on what you want to learn more about. I've recently been receiving emails and questions relating to what I do in my day job, what I do with my side business, how I was able to 'cultivate' and decide what I was good at and how I have networked and found opportunities like my TV show, 'NextGen' on Rogers.

Now its YOUR turn to ask. Comment below with questions you may have or send an email to and I'd be happy to answer them. They may even inspire some future blog posts or social media discussion :)

Looking forward to hearing from YOU!

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