Making a Difference: Gen Y as the Global Generation

Time and time again, I hear people of different generations say how the 'new generation' of youth, known as "Generation Y," are very intrinsically driven. They only think of themselves; they are selfish; they are spoiled, etc. I have to admit, even though I am a "Gen Y/Millennial" myself, I've noticed and event caught myself commenting on the not so complimentary character traits of my own generation.

Making a Difference - Gen Y as the Global Generation

Following my post "A Generation with a Bold Approach,' this article written a while back by author Lindsey Pollack, caught my attention. Pollack, referring to Gen Y's as "the Global Generation," highlights that our generation, more than any other generation before us, has an international awareness of wanting to know about the rest of the world; how it operates; wanting to experience other cultures; and having a "sense of duty" for the world in which we live in.

Another article published by fellow social media strategist Lina Duque discussed the reasons why millennials are making great executives in the corporate world. The first reason she listed was because we care about "the why." It isn't necessarily the end goal that we have in mind, its more about the means in which we get to the end goal that motivates our generation. More simply put, we care more about the 'journey' rather than the 'destination.'

It is this sense of duty, pride and ultimate care for the world in which we live in that separates us and makes us millennials, the true 'global generation' of all generations thus far. We have been fortunate to have the means to travel, to explore, to go to places that our parents and grandparents never had the chance to visit at such a young age. Its because of the 'why' we're seeing many Gen Y/Millennials try and find a "work-life balance" approach to life because we want everything to be harmonious in our lives. We want to be in jobs and careers where we feel we are making a difference while helping to leave a lasting impression in the world.

It is an amazing time right now for Gen Y's and I am excited for the opportunities ahead but also, to see what type of legacy we leave as a generation on the world. Do you personally think Gen-Y's and Millennials are destined for success? Do you think they are helping with positive global change? Or do you believe Gen Y/Millennials are a generation that doesn't have what it takes to make a difference?

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