Ask - And You May Just Get Answers

Ask - And you may just get answers

I had two really cool personal experiences last week that I wanted to share with readers in hopes that after reading this, it may inspire YOU to ask more questions.

I was contacted a few weeks ago by an eager University student who through social media, found my LinkedIn profile, which landed him on my website and he contacted me via email. After a few email exchanges (the emails were extremely professional and well-written BTW) we ended up having an amazing conversation on the phone late last week. I was happy to answer his questions relating to my career path and job searching and how to go about finding the right mentors/jobs within the industry. It was refreshing to know that there are still 'eager beavers' out there just like I was in University, who are eager to start their career and learn as much as they can, excited for what the future has in store for them. Hearing the excitement and enthusiasm in the students voice was infectious to say the least.

Follow that up with a coffee date that I was finally able to have last Friday with a person whose work I've followed for years. After reaching out to her to see if we could sit down for a coffee, she happily agreed and openly shared so much of her awesome career journey with me. To say I left inspired after that conversation is an understatement. Thank you, Brittany!

It made me realize after these two 'chance encounters', that it doesn't hurt to ASK because you just never know what answers you might get. Its when we finally DO ASK, that we finally receive. The first step though is asking in the first place!  Don't be afraid to contact that person whose work you've followed or whose career path you admire, you may just get a response that you never expected.

Happy Friday friends, enjoy the weekend!