Is it possible to still feel jetlagged after a trip that was 3+ weeks ago?! The only downside to returning home from an amazing trip like that one we just had to the wild west, is you have your 'reality' wake-up call where you are reminded that the daily demands of life are waiting for you. I usually am excited to return home from travelling because I enjoy routine and have to admit that I'm a 'homebody' but the only thing I dread after travelling is the growing 'list' of to-do's waiting for me when I return. This list of 'to-do's always seems to continue to grow too once I capture all the thoughts I typically have swirling in my head that are waiting to be tamed after spending a few days without a computer/email to put thoughts to paper, or in this case, on the blog.

I sometimes find these thoughts hard to organize or 'tame' into priority. What should I tackle first? What thoughts or to-do's take priority first? How much time do I spend catching up on all the reading I missed while away? Do I just click 'read all' in Feedly so I can start my blog reading on a clean slate or do I try and catch up with the 100+ blog posts/articles I've missed? And let's not even get started with the social media posts that are waiting for my response. It really never ends.

So, since I'm still experiencing jet lag from my trip 3+ weeks ago,  some random thoughts that continue to 'swirl' since my return...

  • There definitely was a difference in the trip we just took to Banff, which was more adventurous and busy than the low-key, relaxing trip we took to Mont Tremblant in February. When you have the views you do with the mountains as your backdrop and nice weather that we experienced in Banff, you almost feel guilty relaxing so you want to spend as much time as possible outdoors, soaking up the fresh air. There also has to be something said about taking a week long trip instead of an extended long weekend trip. There seems to be so many more things waiting for you from a week long trip that takes so much time to catch-up on for some reason... anyone else feel the same way?
  • Speaking of travelling, there is something I find about taking a trip that helps me 'reset' and come back with a renewed sense of direction, energy and for me, tons of ideas. A trip doesn't have to be out of the province/country either to get this 'fresh start.' Even just a drive out of town to explore and see new things seems to inspire me. Recent weekend trips to Ontario's growing wine region on the east side of Toronto, Prince Edward County and to the other popular wine region, Niagara-on-the Lake (which Andrew and I explored by bike, which was awesome!) were such welcomed day trips to explore all the awesomeness that Ontario's countryside has to offer. On that note, check out this article by Blog TO on the 5 small towns to visit 3 hours from Toronto or this 5 surreal wonders to explore near Toronto - both lists  include places close to my hometown :)
  • Since learning how to pre-program Instagram posts on my i-phone without an app (in a very cleaver way I must add!), I've enjoyed getting posts ready to go in advance and its nice knowing I always have something ready to share. I'll share more on this how-do and a social media/Instagram editorial calendar in a how-to future post.
  • For some odd reason, ever since the nice weather and sun has appeared, I can't seem to get through a book lately.... like finish a book from start to finish. I'm not sure if its because I haven't really found time to sit down and have a good read of a book but even on the airplane, I couldn't get myself to concentrate on reading.  Too many ideas of my own floating around in my head to capture instead! With such a technology-crazed world, focusing on reading a book can sometime feel like a chore instead of a relaxing pastime.
  • Where is time going? It is now May. CRAZY! I've been enjoying 2016 SO MUCH that it is flying by faster than expected. Please stop, time. 2016, thanks for being amazing so far!

And on a special side note, the source for the image above? ME! This photo was taken on my iPhone 5S on our trip in Banff #technologyisamazing