The Daily Reminders of Life (these are ones to remember!)


While I love the chase of my professional life and the appetite I have to learn more, be better and do so much, sometimes, there are more personal, gentler reminders of what life has in store for us.

My family recently put our farm dog Dakota to rest after 15+ years at the farm. It was the best thing for him and whether it is a cow, dog, or cat for us on our family dairy farm, it still doesn't make it any easier to put an animal like that down or experience loss of any kind. Dakota always greeted Andrew and I with the best homecoming arrivals every time we pulled into the driveway as if he was expecting us to return home to the farm. We couldn't have found a better companion than Dakota, he really was an extension of our family.

I was recently sent these 12 daily reminders and thought these would be great to share with readers especially after experiencing the loss of our 'pet' last weekend. I'm keeping these close and am going to try and remind myself of these more often.

The trivial things of daily life with work, etc that we think are a big deal at the time, don't trump the fact that we only have one life to live, we all end up in the same ground in the end and what we do before then and how we make people feel along the way is the lasting impression we can leave on this earth.

That felt good to say, Happy Friday Passionate Voice readers. Have an awesome weekend.