Learning from The Stories of Others...


I recently finished an eye-opening read that reminded me of the power of words and how eloquent they can be in writing a story that changes your perspective on matters of life.

I found the time to read ‘When Breath Becomes Air,’ the first hand account of Paul Kalanithi, a young neurologist who goes from doctor to patient when he is told he has terminal lung cancer after treating cancer patients. The book was recommended to me by a colleague and after hearing her description of the book and how it made you look at things differently after reading it, I went out and purchased the book, knowing I would dog-ear most of the pages as I normally do with most books.

A quick but thought-provoking read, it only took me 3 sittings to finish the book. And after reading it, it reminded me of how valuable it is to learn from others' wisdom; others' journey's and others' stories. Unlike the story behind this book, you don’t need to be dying of cancer for your story to resonate with others but the way in which Paul told his story is so courageous and admirable and knowing the outcome of the book at the beginning, it truly changed how you saw things as you read Paul's first hand account of his unimaginable experience.

It reminded me why people have passions and side hobbies - why people pursue ‘callings’ and don’t just have jobs - and why people devote time outside of their 9-5 to be better, do better and make the world better.

Paul's story reminded me that no matter what story we’re trying to tell, the act of telling our own story with the world is so powerful.  His message reminded me of every reason why I started ‘The Passionate Voice’ and why I remain committed to telling my own story in hopes that it too resonates with readers and people who follow along in my journey.

'When Breathe Becomes Air' reminded me that life is too short to NOT be doing something you love (especially after weeks like last); that the time we spend on earth must be fulfilling; that life is too short to engage in the negative or question others abilities.... we shouldn't waste time on anything but the positive.

A highly recommended read!