Make Sure the Road Travelled is Worth It

Enjoy the Scenery

Happy Monday!

I am about the begin a week of vacation in Manitoba later this week with Andrew and the in-laws, but first.. wanted to share a thought from the weekend.

Have you ever been driving down a road that you've traveled many times before and noticed something new? Maybe this is the same road you take to work, twice a day or a back road in the country that you've traveled many times before but you haven't noticed certain details until now? After driving down a road in the country near my family's farm on the weekend, I had this exact same thing happen to me....

It dawned on me after this happened that perhaps we miss the 'details' because we spend so much time looking straight ahead, focused on the destination, rather than about the journey along the way.

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This is what happened to me last year in 2015.

With the busyness of my day job and my side job and all the simple demands of life - family, friends, social events, hobbies, volunteering and board involvement, my dad's cancer treatment - it dawned on me once I had time to stop and rest at Christmas that I had taken no time last year to stop and enjoy the scenery along the way.

It was a reminder that while its healthy to have ambitions, goals, dreams and big ideas, we need to ensure we take the time to stop and process what we're working on; what we're enjoying (or not enjoying); and take the time to check in with ourselves that we're OK with where we're heading.

This photo was taken last summer just up the road from my family's farm.. a road I've traveled so many times before.. but there is a new found appreciation every time I travel down this road that I didn't have before. I have a new found appreciation for the simple details that I didn't have last year and I have 2016 to thank for being one of the best years yet!

Enjoy the scenery friends, its the small stuff along the way that makes the destination so worthwhile in the end.