When best friends are your inspiration

  IMG_1891 IMG_1898   IMG_1894I love that every two years, the Olympics are a time when our entire country comes together to agree on one common thing: PRIDE. I am always amazed at the immense pride that everyone has for the athletes that so proudly represent us at the games, but also how united it makes us as a country. It is a feeling I wish we could feel more often.

While I would say I am an avid viewer (and tweeter) throughout the Olympics, these 2016 Summer Olympic games in Brazil will go down as a special one because this past weekend, I got to witness and watch one of my best friends, realize her dream of competing in the Olympics, in the Women's 8 Rowing finals representing Canada.

To say I was proud while watching the finals and what Team Canada did as a team is an understatement. I was shaking with nerves watching Cristy (the last woman on the far right in Team Canada's boat in the first photo above) knowing that the finals I was watching was something I would never forget.

Knowing the heart and soul that Cristy has poured into her rowing career over the last decade; the sacrifices she has made to train and compete at the world level; the physical injuries she has sustained because of the tremendous strength she has asked of her body; the situations that her mental toughness has helped her endure; and all the roads that led her to making the boat and representing Team Canada with such pride is so admirable.

At the end of the day, regardless of the outcome, one of my best friends can forever call herself an Olympian - one whose friends, family, supporters and entire country were behind, throughout this journey leading up to the finals at the Olympics.

Cristy my friend, you are a fierce competitor - so mentally and physically strong- and such a source of inspiration (and PRIDE) for not only me but so many of us who watched on Saturday knowing that we were so proud to know someone competing in the Olympics the way you did.  Congratulations in accomplishing everything you have!

I am continually amazed at the incredible people I am so fortunate to have in my life who I call friends and who act as a continued source of inspiration for me.

This ones for you, Cristy. To the lifetime of memories that culminated in the epic race of your life at the Summer Olympic Games of 2016. #Rio2016