... With the End in Sight


What a beautiful #fall2016 it was.

I had so much to say and share from this fall. Stories to share from travelling, events, conferences and ideas/thoughts of inspiration.

But the truth was, life got in the way this fall, both personally and at work....  in a good way. 

And I let it take over.

I wanted to take it all in and experience it all without feeling the need to overshare on social media or on the blog.

So I took a break.... since October.... and I'm happy I took the time to take it all in.

I love seeing how transformative fall is and how it is a time of change for so many people. A lot of my friends and colleagues began this fall by changing jobs, moving and starting fresh.

Fall can do that too you. It breathes new life into you with the change in air.

With the end of year in sight (how is it December next week?!), fall provokes people to take action before the end of the calendar year.

I've always loved fall. But as each year passes, I think I enjoy the Christmas/holiday/winter season even more. I love it because of the ‘hibernation’ that we all get to deservedly take without feeling guilty. Its a time to relax, watch as much Netflix in our PJs as possible with those we love and recharge for the year ahead.

There are no shortage of posts to share. I just decided to write them after the fact than in the moment. Look forward to seeing more in coming weeks as we begin to unwind, relax and take in the holidays.

30 days until Christmas folks, I can’t contain my excitement!