Adjust & Adapt - my 2017 'buzzwords'

In writing this post this past weekend, it allowed for deep & profound reflection. After receiving word at the beginning of the weekend that a fellow agvocte, lover of life and community member of Ag Women's Network had passed, it made me look at this new year ahead with a more sincere appreciation in what we've been blessed with.

In our pursuit to want to do more, be more, make a difference and live lives to the fullest, moments like this weekend are harsh reminders to hug our loved ones and tell them how much we love and appreciate them before times of distress. We don't get moments back so we need to make the most of them while we have them. 

It also made me reflect more intensely on my 2017 goals. I realize that we all, with the best of intentions, try and start a new year off by setting ambitious goals. It isn't the goals that we strive for and hope to achieve. I believe it is the small habits in working towards these goals that we hunger for. It isn't necessarily my 2017 goals that I hope to say at the end of the year, I've accomplished. I hope that I change my daily habits enough throughout this year that these habits help me achieve my 2017 goals. The small, daily habitual 'wins' is what gives us the best feeling and makes the most consistent difference in working towards our goals.

Last weekend, I shared the personal news that Andrew and I are expecting a baby this May, 2017!!! Crazy, right?!

I can understand why we have moments where we can't find the words to express how we're feeling. Sometimes there simply are no words when you are speechless.

I've been blessed to wear different hats so far (if we can call them that) - wife, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend, Press Secretary, employee, board member, volunteer, agvocate, community member, speaker, blogger, business owner.

But no 'hat or title' will give me the greatest satisfaction than becoming a 'mom.'

There are still so many things I want to do personally; goals I want to accomplish professionally; places I want to visit, travel and explore; volunteering I want to do; and change I want to make.

But these can all be done now as a mom. 

Becoming a mom doesn't come without its 'unknowns' and I realize there will be daunting moments ahead that no book or manual will prepare me for. 2017 will be about 'adjusting and adapting' as I wrote in my 2017 planner to paraphrase my goals/habits this year. It will be about finding my own version of what I believe 'balance' is. Depending of course, on what the baby will tell me I can do :)

I've made a conscious effort to not read all the articles out there on the 'how too's of becoming a mom' because, as I'm realizing, consuming too much can be hazardous. And as I've learned with social media, just because it appears great from the outside, doesn't mean it is to be emulated as we never fully know what is going on 'behind the screens.' Of course, some baby books have been helpful for the tidbits here and there. I've also been fortunate to have friends who have been so amazing in this journey thus far.

I've been feeling great, following doctors' orders and letting my body tell ME what to do. If that means not pushing myself as much as I normally would, putting my feet up, or better yet, taking a nap, than so be it.

While my foremost goal of 2017 will be to have a healthy baby, there are other goals and habits I want to hold myself accountable too:

2017 Goals

  • Blog once a week #Blog452 (and build a community of fellow bloggers to help each other do the same!)
  • Attend at least one personal development course 
  • Start a podcast for #PassionateVoice
  • Travel and explore new places across our beautiful province/country including visiting at least one National Park as part of Canada's 150 celebrations (already ordered our #Canada150 pass!). Pelee Island is on our list as well as and Quebec City if we can get there too as I've never been!
  • Commit to doing #365DaysofGratitude each day (will share more on this!)

2017 Habits 

  • Get up earlier and go for a walk in the outdoors - 23 days in, this has been one of the best ways I've made time for myself each day and everyday I do this, I feel like I've started my day off right, on my own terms.
  • Do weekly meal planning and lunch preparation - it is such a rewarding feeling having control of your health and wellness on your own terms.
  • Watch less news/TV and consume less online content - hard for my line of work but so necessary to keep 'sane' in this limitless world we live in.
  • Be more strategic about my social media consumption - I've set personal parameters of when I can be on social media so I am not aimlessly wasting time or comparing.
  • Commit to a coffee date once a week to myself - it doesn't matter if its an hour or an afternoon a week, I want to carve out time each week for my clients, my priorities and ME. So far I'm 3 weeks for 3!

I am SO thankful for the incredible gift that Andrew and I will be blessed with in 2017. I know the year ahead is without its challenges and bumps along the way but it is going to be the best year because I'm going to MAKE it the best year yet, with my new little family in tow. Let the fun times (and sleepless nights soon) begin!

And here's to YOU and I, working diligently towards making/changing habits that will help us to achieve our 2017 goals with this daily reminder always at the forefront in everything we do and every day when we wake up.....