Food for Thought [volume 5]

As we're starting off 2017, here are some inspiring articles to keep you motivated and get you thinking about how to do this year differently, or do things the same way [if you've already mastered this thing called life :)]:

+ Fellow #GirlBoss blogger Bianca Bass shares her 8 'personal commandments' she follows every new year. She also refers to a new year as a 'canvas' which I absolutely love. 

+ Think you need a more honest wake-up call about the new year and how to get out of your 'rut?' This Thought Catalogue article really makes you have a 'look in the mirror' moment as to whether YOU are the reason YOU are holding yourself back. I'm keeping this article bookmarked for future reference and check in whenever I need to remind myself that I am my only obstacle. And then on a more lighter note, this Thought Catalogue article gives you 7 things to hope for this 2017.

+ One other #GirlBoss who I have followed for years is Desire Map (and Canadian!) author/speaker Danielle Laporte. Not familiar with her or her work? Read more about who she is to understand how she came to be to kick some serious a$$ in the self/personal development world. I am (finally!) reading her book, 'The Desire Map."

+ Need further inspiration about how to start your 2017 off right?! Start with WHY you want to create that resolution in the first place as the motivating factor, which is the main lesson shared in this Success podcast. 

+ I follow local well-known #Guelph CEO of Danby, Jim Estill on Twitter and reading this Toronto Life piece about Estill's efforts in bringing 50 Syrian refugee families to Guelph was simply inspiring. Loved what he did for these families and for our community by leading by example.

+ I couldn't be more proud of the conversation taking place around the movement of women involved in agriculture across Canada. Fellow social media enthusiast and agriculture advocate (and Ag Women's Network member!) Amanda Brodhagen did an awesome job in highlighting the movement in this CBC piece that was shared virtually before Christmas.

+ With it only days away from US President Barack Obama's last day in office, and as a speechwriter myself, I loved reading about the reflections of his meticulously-crafted words by Obama's speechwriters themselves.