What Awaits You in 2017?#Blog452

Howdy, Happy 2017!

I am returning from one of the best social-media free holidays. Or 'social media diets' as I also referred to it as. Money couldn't pay for a diet like that. Minimal interaction with my phone and social media channels made for one of the best holidays with family and friends.

When you do social media and communicating for a living, sometimes you need a break from it.

It is hard to believe that 2016 is behind us. For some, you're relieved, for others, it was maybe your best year yet. Whatever your circumstances, wishing you all the health and happiness for 2017 and THANK YOU for being here at #PassionateVoice.

I like looking at a new year as a blank canvas - kind of like the world is your oyster idea. But I dislike oysters. So a blank canvas it is. The new year is like art - its your masterpiece to create with limitless potential and opportunity for others to observe and enjoy.

I have saved a separate post for all the goodness that was 2016. Lots of 'firsts' to share that you'll want to stay tuned for as I do my 2016- Year in Review.

In the meantime, I thought I would share  my one blog goal (or commitment!) for 2017:

Blog at least once a week for each of the 52 weeks of the year! 

I'm documenting this weekly challenge goal by using the hashtag #Blog452, meaning I'll try and hold myself accountable to blog 4 (for) 52 weeks of the year throughout 2017.

For those inspired bloggers who are starting out; doing your side hustle thing; or are writing as a full-time gig, blog along with me using #Blog452! I'd love to read what you have to say throughout this year.

That way, we can all, as a community, hold each other accountable to our goals of:

  • sharing more;
  • inspiring others; and in the process...
  • making a positive difference in whatever circles we run in

Here's to tackling 2017 together.

The blank canvas is waiting for you to make it your masterpiece. Get painting (or in our case, typing!)