#2017 Check In - Q1 (Jan-Mar)

A majority of companies and businesses measure annual performance, broken down in 3 month increments in terms of Q 1/2/3/4. By setting goals for the year and reviewing them every 3 months, it allows for a consistent check-in to ensure things are on track to meet annual goals, sales figures, performance measures, etc. Goal-setting and check-ins are part of corporate culture, but we don't look at 'check-ins' the same way we do with our own personal goals we've set for ourselves.

Most often times, holding ourselves accountable can be the main reason whether we achieve our goals (or not).

We all start with the best of intentions at the beginning of a new year - or for some, in the springtime or in September with the start of a new school year -  but if we don't have mechanisms to hold ourselves accountable, another year can pass like the one before and that passion project can be shelved for another year.

Unlike the work world where you know your performance is going to be measured, your boss will check in, performance reviews take place and/or your salary may be impacted, if your serious about the intentions you've set for #2017, you'll be serious about holding yourself accountable to achieve these goals.

I shared these 2017 goals/habits at the beginning of the new year. Using this as my 'Q1 check in', I'm happy to report I've committed whole-heartedly to two of my goals - blogging once a week using #Blog452 and doing #365DaysofGratitude (which I realize I need to share more about!). In terms of the other 3 goals I've set, I already have the personal development course in mind I want to attend later this fall which I will be registering for this month; I have tons of ideas (and the equipment ready!) to get the podcast up and going (slowly but surely!) and travel plans are in place (hopefully, if all goes well with the arrival of Baby A!) to explore new destinations later this summer.

What I'm most proud of in the first 3 months is the 5 habits I've really tried to stick too - getting up early to enjoy the outdoors; weekly meal planning; consuming less TV; being more strategic about social media consumption; and so far, I've loved the weekly coffee dates I've been able to fit in to help stick to my #Blog452 goal and client work.

One concept that has really stuck out for me recently, as I'm almost through Neil Pasricha's The Happiness Equationis how we all have 168 hours available to us in a week. If you sleep on average 8 hours a night x 7 days a week, that's 56 hours gone right off the top, known as the first '56 bucket' (and the most important of course!). If we work on average, a 40 hour work week, plus factor in commute time, extra hours worked, prep time, etc, a second '56 bucket' can be established. Its the third and final '56 hour bucket' that is ours to do with it what we want. THAT is where working on your #2017 goals/habits kicks in.

Yes, goal chasing can be overwhelming and daunting. Yes, some days are more productive than others. Yes, some days you're ahead feeling great, and other days you just need to watch Netflix to let yourself have a break. Yes, some days you hear great feedback and other days there are crickets. With only 3 months off the top of 2017, I've been able to learn to take small, actionable steps each day/week to work towards the goals I've set.

If you make this type of commitment (it really isn't rocket science, just sheer willpower), you can and will see your goals through to fruition.  And just think, we still have 9 more months to go, what an awesome feeling!

As I get ready for my biggest life-changing moment yet, in May (motherhood!), I already can't wait to report back on Q2 progress.... I suspect its going to be the BEST life experience. How are you making out with your #2017 goals, I'd love to hear from YOU!

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