The Discomfort with Sharing in a Social Media #Selfie World

IMG_4134Let's have an open, honest conversation about #selfies.

Is anyone else as uncomfortable as I am with sharing anything and everything with the world? Does anyone else have trouble taking selfies like I do?

Ok, glad we're on the same page.

Yes, you may see some selfies on my instagram account, but it still doesn't change the fact that I have a bit of discomfort in taking selfies, pictures that seem to be a cultural norm, if not a social media expectation now [Note: Here is what Merriam-Webster defines as a selfie]

I remember seeing someone a few years ago using a selfie stick thinking, 'I will never use that stupid tool to take a picture' and fast forward a few years later, I celebrated a year ago this week that I was in Alberta with my family..... taking photos with, you guessed it, a selfie stick.

The photo below shows my husband so eloquently capturing a photo of me, taking a photo of myself, in Lake Louise last year, to capture the fact that I used a selfie stick.


It turned out to be a pretty handy tool when my arm also wasn't long enough to capture this great photo below with my family in front of Lake Louise as well last year (our first time travelling out of province altogether as a family!)


I'm not sure if the discomfort I have with selfies is because I'm in the sandwich millennial generation as I like to call it, where we are those millennials who were introduced to the internet and social media later in our teenage years and use social media more as 'tools' than we do as a daily sharing mechanism.

Keep in mind too, if I'm a millennial who has discomfort with sharing information and taking selfies, imagine how people of previous generations feel about us sharing everything and anything with our tribes. I can understand their 'frustrations' with our millennial generation, if you will.

I am amazed at the stuff that some people share with the world - with people they don't know, but again, as a consumer of that same stuff from some of my favourite bloggers, I can see why the personal details and touches like selfies work to create a captive audience and following.

And don't even get my started on the latest social media platform fad, Snapchat or Instagram Stories. The idea of talking business to myself while looking into a phone just isn't appealing yet, even though I know that it will be one of the next platforms I try and embrace for business purposes here at the Passionate Voice.

Here's to trying to take more selfies  - and to one day doing Snapchat with #nofear!