Social Media as the New Receptionist

Ironically, I had written this post before a client meeting earlier this week but after the conversation we had, this post became even more relevant to share.

The client I was speaking with was amazed at how social media is now an expectation by many of their customers. So much so, they've finally decided it is time they hop aboard the social media train and embrace it to help their brand and be where their clients are and want them to be. I shared the following analogy with them that I had written weeks ago but hadn't hit publish on quite yet:

If you walk into any company or building, chances are you are greeted by a friendly receptionist who welcome you.

He or she sets the tone for how you feel about that company/business as soon as you enter the building based on first impressions of this person alone.

The role of a receptionist in business is a staple for some, or an expectation for most. 

You would most likely think it was weird if you walked into a head office and wasn't greeted by anyone, right?

Similar to our expectation of receptionists as the first front-facing person for companies and businesses, our expectations have now extended to a brand's presence on social media. Social media is the new receptionist. 

A lot of people can relate to this receptionist idea and the expectation when it comes to social media.

You go on any given social media channel expecting that the company you are searching for will be online and they aren't. Your surprised at how a company of say their size, specialty or consumer engagement base isn't on social media.

Or how many times have you searched a CEO, General Manager or a thought leader on say Twitter and were surprised that they weren't engaging on social media?!

Imagine the feedback and engagement they are missing out on and the opportunities missed in showcasing their product or service and simply, their brand, both as a company and as the spokesperson and figure head for the company.

The expectation of having social media channels can be a hard adjustment for many companies and businesses to come to terms with, especially because of the many unknowns around social media:

  • The platforms are ever-evolving and changing;
  • Its hard to keep up with the technology and lingo;
  • Many companies don't know where to begin with social media; and
  • Many businesses struggle with how to budget for social media (hire an in-house person or outsource?) and what investment is required for the social media platforms they need to reach their intended audience of loyal customers.

With millennials now the largest generation in the Canadian workforce, companies, businesses and brands need to realize that like the receptionist that is expected as soon as you enter the front doors of your head office, having a presence on social media as a brand, company or business is the new expectation of doing business in the 21st century.

[Tweet ""Having a presence on social media as a brand, company or business is the new expectation of doing business in the 21st century." - #PassionateVoice"]

This is true not only for the millennial generation but for people from all generations who use social media to engage both personally and professionally. Most people who want to check out a product to potentially purchase; share a customer service experience; ask questions; get their news; or engage and network within their industry, go to social media now as their primary source of information.

Its something to seriously consider if you are on the fence as to whether your brand should embrace social media or not.. get with the times and hire your online receptionist because chances are, it is expected of your brand.

P.S. Thanks for those asking and inquiring, the baby still hasn't arrived but we appreciate the kind words, thoughts and positive vibes :) #Overdue

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