The excitement of not knowing what's ahead

To say the last 48 hours has felt surreal would be an understatement. As of Friday, I began maternity leave to begin my {next} exciting life adventure... motherhood. Baby A hasn't arrived just yet but knowing any day now, life could change because of his/her impending arrival, is an incredible feeling. Scary yes, but exciting none the less.

Where's the manual I keep asking? Well, there isn't one. And that is the whole point to becoming a parent. There is no one size fits all - what works for someone may not work for another. Its something I've tried to embrace this entire pregnancy, especially being a woman in business.

I have to say, the feeling of not having control from here on in is ... well, liberating.

Adjusting to the smallest things - only having to charge and check one phone, not two; not having an impending schedule and calendar of meetings/briefings; getting use to not being needed in a work capacity; and ensuring I have what is needed to keep a human being alive once we are headed home from the hospital is again, scary but so liberating.

For those of us in business who like to be strategic about every move we make (so pretty much every millennial.. we all know we don't like surprises!), it is exciting to not know what is in store for us. This baby has all the control now and I'll (try) to be ready for whenever it wants to make its arrival into this amazing world.

Until then, I'm trying to wrap my mind around spending less time behind a computer to adapt to my soon-to-be-new reality of changing diapers. Here's to hoping Baby A gives us a few days to nest so we can get ready for this next crazy, awesome adventure ahead of parenthood.


{soon-to-be} #MamaBoss