Food for Thought [volume 8]

+ Most of us believe my generation, millennials spend the most amount of time on social media but what if you learned that Gen X actually consumed more content online?!

+ The majority of people equate success to wealth, status in their jobs/careers or their happiness. But is our generation of millennials redefining success differently than previous generations because of our hunger for work-life balance? Ask yourself what success means to you after reading this article by Careergasm author Sarah Vermunt.

+ A valuable reminder for us social media users to keep in mind - don't feed the trolls. Dairy farmer Tim May who does a fantastic job on his social media feeds as 'Farmer Tim,' makes a great point in this blog post that there is no point in wasting time and energy in arguing with extremists.

+ I was so intrigued after reading this piece, I ordered (and will hopefully soon!) read Canadian YouTube sensation Lilly Singh's new book - I'm sure there are going to be some awesome laughs!

+ With all the conversation around the buzzword "Fake News," I thought this was clever of Facebook to share a number of tips on how to spot fake news especially on a platform like Facebook where a majority of us derive our information from each day. This couldn't be more timely. Its hard to believe that the phrase 'Fake News' wasn't even a thing 5 years ago...

+ After recently starting to read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***, I discovered Mark Manson's podcast which is brilliant. These podcasts about "What's the Problem with Feminism" and "What's the Problem with Men" have a lot of truth to them and make you really think about the role women and men play in typical gender roles.