Take Your Goals Seriously - Get Organized

We're 8 days into September, our second New Years or as I've been calling it, New Years 2.0. Oh and Christmas is 108 days away. Crazy, I know.

I'm not sure if its the teacher in all of us but most of us appreciate the 'reset' that September offers. Places like Chapters tug on all of our organizational heartstrings and all the new planners come out on the display racks. I personally love it. I joke to Andrew that if I am ever lost, he can find me in the stationary/organizational section. The stationary lover in me fan girls over the latest planners every year when they are released.

If your actually serious about (finally) tackling your goals or getting your side hustle or daily work organized for 2018, a new planner is a good start.

As techie as I am, there is nothing like putting pen to paper to keep everything organized. I haven't yet been sold on fully transitioning my calendar completely to my iPhone calendar or through an app. I have an electronic calendar but also manage my appointments, commitments and to-do's through a hard planner.

One of the best feelings in the world is checking off your to-do items in your planner when they are done and accomplished #Check #Done #KickingButt

Here are 9 options (some of them I've tried!) to try and put on your  planner wishlist:

[1] Emily Ley's Simplified Planner - I've heard rave reviews about this planner. Emily Ley is a #GirlBoss herself and many fellow #GirlBosses I follow have ended up choosing this planner as their go-too.

[2] Day Designer - I had this planner for 2 years and LOVED it, just didn't think I needed a page per day but otherwise loved this planner.

[3] Plain Notebooks from Chapters - If you don't need anything fancy, too expensive and want to just 'do it yourself' with your notes, you can always refer back to the good ol' notebook where you can make your own planner like this one or this one (The message on this one is SO true in my world of too many tabs open on my laptop!)

[4] Danielle Laporte's Desire Map Planner - I've never personally tried this planner but if its anything like Laporte's books, I'm sure it is an amazing planner packed with tons of inspiration and kick a$$ motivation!

[5] Rifle Paper Co Planner - Love all the details in this one including its 17-monthly calendar year and the beautiful floral design typical of Rifle Paper Co. It also has so many delicate touches inside.

[6] Kate Spade Planner - I have tried this planner but needed more space to write down more to-do's each day. I still loved the details though in this planner including how each month had tabs and the pocket included inside.

[7] Eccolo 12-month planner -  This is the planner I used for 2016 (a larger version) but this exact version is what I used for the majority of 2017. I actually didn't purchase mine from Chapters though, I was introduced to Eccolo in the Winners' check out line where I bought the first planner for $9 #score

[8] Erin Condren's Life Planner - I love how much you can personalize this planner and how colourful and bright her designs are. How can you not get creative when you get to open up that beauty every time?!

[9] Bullet Journal - I contemplated doing this for 2017 but at the last minute, chickened out. It seemed like a little too much work for me, but I swore to myself that if my current planner failed, I was going to give it a try!