Talk Is Cheap

Do you ever read someone's tweet that is getting a lot of attention or hear an idea your colleague has shared in a meeting and think... I already thought that?!

You came up with that same idea or thought days earlier or even months/years ago, yet you didn't do anything with that said idea or tweet?

You wonder why the hell you didn't speak up earlier, tweet the thought out or share your idea so you could get the praise that someone else is now getting?

Yup, it happens to all of us.

What is the difference from you did with the idea/thought and what the other person did? They actually DID something with it. They took action. Spoke up. Stepped out of the comfortable into the uncomfortable to see where the idea or thought would land, unsure if it would ruffle feathers or land well with others.

And that is where the difference lies.[Tweet "Some of us only talk about our ideas while others actually do something with them."]

We're all capable of thinking big things. There isn't a copyright on coming up with new thoughts or ideas. Unless of course, someone has patented the idea and then well, you've out of luck. I'm sure some of the best inventions were thought of way before they actually were invented. Like Otto Frederick Rohwedder of Iowa who in 1912 actually DID something with an idea and thought that slicing bread was a genius, convenient idea that would be the next big thing... and of course it sure was. Its why we continue to use the phrase, 'The greatest thing since sliced bread."

I joke about this often with Andrew. If we were to write down all the ideas we had in a year in a little black book and look back 20 years from now  to see if the ideas were invented, maybe we'd be upset with ourselves that we hadn't actually did something with those ideas #Millionaires? #OhWell

I've been experiencing this on Twitter lately where so many of my tweets are sitting in my draft folder, doing what? Nothing. And I wonder why I didn't share them if others are talking about things I had thought of tweeting about ages ago.

It makes me think about my #Blog452 goal I set earlier this year for my blog. It hasn't been an epic fail but I certainly haven't stuck to my commitment of blogging each week for 52 weeks of this year.

Where am I? 34 posts this year. So if we were evaluating this like a calculus test that you need to pass to get into University,  I would have got a 65%. A pass but not great.

Today's lesson on the blog - Talk is cheap. Its what you actually DO with your ideas and thoughts and the action you take that will separate you from the rest of the crowd.

What is my goal now for the rest of 2017? See if I can fulfill this damn #Blog452 goal I created for myself because what's the point of creating a goal if you're not going to stick to try and fulfill it?

So what's one of the first things I also did today that I haven't done this entire year? I started AND finished this blog post - writing, graphic and all - in one sitting. So excuse any grammatical or writing errors that you may find, this new mama is just happy she accomplished another first in 2017 and actually stuck to doing something from beginning to end #FeelingAccomplished #HappySunday

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