The Sunday 7

Today, I'm surrounded by some of the best people. Friends. We are ringing in the New Year and welcoming 2018 with open arms. And boy does it feel good. I love all of this inspiration heading into the new year. Happy New Year's Eve, friends!

  1. This article about love and why we don't openly express love more often (written by a man I might add!) hit home. It makes me want to hug every person I know.
  2. I can't WAIT for this little beauty of a cook book to be released in April so I can make every recipe and eat every damn bite.
  3. Downloaded this app to begin expanding my language palette in 2018 (is that even I thing? Yep because I just made it up :P)
  4. Hands down, one of the best books I read last year, Chasing Slow. The powerful message resonated, especially after the year we've had, having a baby and wanting the right type of lifestyle for our new family of 3.
  5. Starting off my 2018 reading list by digging in to this little gem.
  6. What I love about all the New Years hype and celebration? All the glitz and glitter!
  7. This article has made me rethink my 2018 goals a bit differently - "Often it’s not what we start doing that makes a difference, but the thing we stop doing that creates the biggest shift."

Happy (early) 2018 :)

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