The Sunday 7

  1. I spent two days this week in Toronto and I was reminded of how much I love the hustle and bustle of the city. Of course, its easier to say that when I'm not working there full-time but there really is something so intoxicating - the energy, the ideas, the inspiration.
  2. I’m crushing hard on these high back dining room chairs for the cottage.
  3. Adding some Italian Ruscus greenery in the house this week has made so much of a difference, reminding me on the coldest days that spring will one day (soon) be here :S
  4. I devoured this series after seeing all the Golden Globe wins and hype for the show. Let’s just say, its some captivating TV that is hard to stop watching.
  5. Still trying to figure out what your goals are for 2018 or how you’re going to execute on them? I watched this video by the motivating thought leader Robin Sharma, whose message “Until you personally believe that you can achieve a goal, you won’t even start the process of making it happen” so resonated with me.
  6. I am a huge font fan.. I seriously fan girl over beautiful fonts that I stumble upon on blogs and the internet. This ‘Pretty Pen’ font was one I recently found that I am absolutely love.
  7. A few days at home on the farm this past weekend led to a night of some of the best conversation and drinks (rye of course!) with the fam. We joked that at 3am, you can solve a lot of the world's problems (or at least have fun TRYING to solve them :P). There is truly nothing better than family. They're your people.. and they just get you.
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