Innovation + Disruption

Innovation and Disruption

I’ve been on the road the last few weeks for work. It feels like I’ve been this, there and everywhere. Oh how good an office day feels to get caught up with all my emails and to do’s. And also to do a ‘brain dump’ of all the notes I’ve been taking while on the road.

As I review all my chicken scratch from the various events I’ve attended and conversations I’ve had with people that have sparked ‘ideas’, the same common themes have been continuing to come up, whether they are around agri-food focused or outside of the industry I work in.

They all center around innovation + disruption.

Whether we like it or not (I have to admit, I’m abroad the train of change), we’re living through a time of incredible disruption and innovation in all facets of life. Disruption only a few short years ago, would have meant something bad. Now its being viewed as a good thing.

Digital is transforming how we do business; the retail landscape is changing to the point that we can order our groceries now online and pick them up at a time most convenient for us; companies are now offering products that consumers ask for; and we’re living in a time that if you don’t respond to a communication in a matter of hours, especially around crisis communications and social media, your brand may be in total jeopardy.

Things are moving so quickly. I have to admit, for someone who moves fast and enjoys ‘change,’ I wonder sometimes if this is all too much and too fast. If your someone or a business who don’t like change or can’t adapt quickly, the saying ‘adapt or die’ may just be oh so relevant.

if anything, the time we’re living through is proving that things aren’t slowing down anytime soon. It would be nice to get use to learn something, set a routine and stick with it, but the times we’re living in won’t allow us to do that anymore.

I intend on sharing more of my notes from the last few weeks of travel, but will leave you here with some common things for you to stew on until then:

  • Trust trumps truth in our day and age

  • Convenience is king

  • If someone says to you ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it,’ you have a challenge ahead.

  • Have we in agriculture-food adapted with these fast-changing times? No.

  • Data + people = Everything

  • Communications is finally getting its time in the spotlight (it use to be the thing that most companies pushed aside.)

  • The generational conversation is not going to stop. If you’re business isn’t ‘millennial ready’ in both a workforce way and a customer service/product way, then you’re behind.

Happy Friday!

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