How many of us sat down at our desks this morning, coffee in hand, ready to ‘relax’ by browsing blogs and articles, after a busy weekend of Christmas festivities?! (ME!)

With the busyness of this Fall and all that has come with starting my own business, I purposely decided to take a break from social media in the last week. Taking this much-needed time to step back and reflect is so valuable.. and so healthy (and needed!) in today’s over-connected society.

It finally felt good to sit down at my computer this morning to read blogs, news articles and catch up on what I missed lately. Here are some articles that resonated, maybe they will for you as well:

  • Speaking of taking breaks, Cait Flanders, a personal finance blogger who I followed since my Stories From a County Girl days, has decided to retire from blogging. I see her valid points in wanting to step back from everything and do things on her own terms (even though her audience will miss her!). This is a good read.

  • I’m going to keep this quick note saved somewhere to remind myself why, just one simple thing we do today, can change the trajectory of where we want to be in the future. Your future self with thank you.

  • On another Seth Godin note (his content really is so simply brilliant), I keep saying it, but I’m really going to try and make a consistent effort at this blogging thing. Its something I love to do and don’t make enough time to do. Every time I blog, I feel reinvigorated and happy. That’s enough reason to get back at this.

  • In addition to the words ‘innovation’ and ‘disruption,’ the other word I continue to hear referenced is artificial intelligence. This article was a good one, highlighting how AI and the algorithm are the way of the future.

  • I’ve been eating up everything Rachel Hollis says after reading ‘Girl, Wash Your Face.’ I happened to be browsing on her website and found this old article she wrote on ‘How to Start a Business.’ So timely in my situation! I loved her line “You can have a business or you can have a baby.” SO TRUE!

  • Once you’re done reading these articles, you may just want to listen to this Gerry Vee podcast. This interview with him is so refreshing, he shares so many good one-liners. I really have to read his books because I so appreciate his honesty and humour (and his swearing, I really am a fan! ha)

Happy Monday!