2018: A Blessing in Disguise


Over the holidays, my brain was on overdrive thinking of all that took place in 2018 in preparation for the New Year. 2018 really was a crazy, beautiful year.

In a way to recap what I actually did in 2018 while I decided whether or not to make goals for 2019, I started putting pen to paper and boy, was it a therapeutic experience writing everything down. There was so much to share in fact that I realized it was maybe time to get back in the saddle and try this podcast thing again because I figured a 50+ paragraph long blog post would be wayyyy too long to read.

[Side note, I really did have the best of intentions last year when I launched my podcast to keep recording episodes, I really did. Just a few things got in the way…. like the end of my maternity leave, a provincial election which resulted in job loss, starting my own business and a few other things :P].

When I wrote my 2018 news years post a year ago, I didn’t quite know what ‘embrace bold’ truly meant until I lived it last year. 2018 was a year of being uncomfortable, but being uncomfortable in a good way by embracing bold. I discuss this more in the new episode of my podcast!

What do I have in store for 2019? Growth. More of it and lots of it. Take a listen of episode #2 and let me know what you think! I’d love to hear what you have in store personally and professionally in 2019.

Let’s do this together!