A Changing of {Life} Seasons


Well hello there! I appreciate everyone’s messages, texts and check-ins asking what the heck I’ve been up too as of late. Its hard to believe the last time I blogged was back in May. Thinking of what I’ve did between now and May is somewhat daunting. Daunting in a good way though. Let’s just say that being able to have the time to properly ‘digest’ something like an election is a healthy process to go through. I’ve needed the time since May to process what I’m only realizing now was A LOT that took place in the last four years of my life #OntheRoad #Commuting #NewBaby #Motherhood #MaternityLeave #LIFE

After watching THIS VIDEO and hearing of the notion of ‘life’s changing of the seasons’ from a fellow #GirlBoss,  it made me realize that I too, am going through a changing of the seasons in my own life. I am putting to rest, four years of my life in politics and a career I loved. Anytime I become nostalgic, I think of people like the Minister I served, who has known nothing else than serving people in a public service capacity for 30+ years.

The best part is that I am welcoming this changing of the seasons with open arms in a way I’ve never before. I really think that is why we all love being Canadian, because one of the perks is we know each year we get 4 seasons guaranteed – with each season promising something different and new for us. In life though, we don’t necessarily expect our life to change that often as the seasons come and go. But I’m learning more and more that it is in fact, a healthy process to ‘change. To adapt. To come to terms with the old and look forward to the new, all while being the same person I was before. It really is a transformational experience – this whole being unemployed thing. (And yes, when you’re a political staffer and lose an election, you do in fact also lose your job). Its a scary yet exciting feeling knowing I am the captain of my own ship, the creator of my destiny. Wherever I want to go, I can go. (I feel like I sound like a mix between Dr. Seuss or Tony Robbins, ha!)

I’m going to share a whole separate post on my experience #ONTHECAMPAIGNTRAIL. I shared a lot of my journey on Twitter and Instagram for the month I lived away from my family but the experience warrants its own post. It was an incredible experience of hustling NON-STOP. And while we didn’t achieve the outcome we set out to accomplish, I know that we did everything possible and the team I worked with was nothing short of amazing.

Here’s to the journey ahead on the road less traveled, as I experience this changing of life’s seasons. I hope you too come along and share in this journey with me.